Open Water Training (OW)

Open water certification is the first step toward becoming a safe and secure diver. 

OW training starts with properly fitting professional equipment, then on to classroom, pool and open water training. 

Once a student has successfully performed to RSTC standards, the student will receive a lifetime Ccard.

This enables the diver to be recognized as a certified scuba diver worldwide. (Student kit included).

Each student is required to have their own Pro Kit which includes mask,snorkel, fins, and boots and purchased through H20 to ensure properly fit equipment to meet each student's needs. 

OW certification cost $395.00

Pro Kit valued at $195.00 (included)

Open water checkouts $150.00            



Advanced Open Water Training (AOW)

Advanced open water certification educates and trains a diver with the abilities to night dive, deep dive, navigate, map, and perform small recovery.

It's another step towards being a stronger, safer diver and enjoying the world of Scuba. (AOW student kit included).

Light and slate valued at $60.00 (included)

AOW certification cost $275.00



Rescue Diver Training (RD)

Rescue Diver training teaches the proper skills and techniques to safely overcome hazards or obstacles that a diver or dive buddy may encounter. 

RD includes first aid, CPR, water exercises and practices.

RD certification includes student kit and training.

First aid and CPR certification must be prior to RD training and is in addition to RD training.

At the RD student level it is highly recommended that a diver purchase their own SCUBA equipment to ensure maximum efficiencey.

RD certification cost $345.00


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